Sporting Barbers was established in Majorca! David gave up the English weather and the hairdressing business and took a career break in Spain. After a couple of years basking in the sun and running a well known bar, David had a flash of inspiration. Seeing how successful the Sports Bars were doing, he came up with the idea of having a Sporting Barbers offering the highest quality of styles and cuts for gents in a Sporting environment. The Sporting Barber was born!

Why Sporting?

Sport is a thing most men have in common therefore making it an immediate ice breaker, but if you don’t like sport we can talk about anything else you want! In other words it’s not exclusive. 

We do not make appointments as in today’s hectic world people are too busy. We do welcome children and retired gents. We don’t penalize people by charging their children adult prices at weekends and likewise the retired are not restricted to certain days.

Sporting Barbers are distributors of the famous Fudge, American Crew and Muk hair styling products.

    Phone: 01789 205018

    Phone: 0121 711 7161

     Phone: 01527 570560

     Phone:  0121 693 3939

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David Sheen

Otherwise known as “Sheeney” or “Shaver” to his pals, and “Mr Never Wrong” to the team!

Dave used to think he was Rod Stewart and still does a passable impersonation with the aid of a broomstick and a few beers.
This warm, friendly, intelligent guy (guess who wrote that!), welcomes one and all into the fun and spirit of Sporting Barbers!